Welcome to Lush Labs

Welcome to the world of Lush Labs. We are a family of Fox Red Labradors, who blog, tweet, instagram and facebook our lives. Our site is run by Heather, our human

What we Offer......


Occasionally we do have a litter of Pups, We are KC Assured Breeders.


Building up my portfolio of photography. I mainly work with animals . I am a member of the Guild of Photographers.

Social  Media and Product Testing

 We love to work with all types of companies big or small for marketing, social media , photography, product placement and blogging. Whats unique  is that we are a family, and also being breeders we get puppies.....Who doesn't love a cute puppy? 

Bear is our resident full time model, but the girls do love to get in on the action time to time. They do make a beautiful picture of 3 Fox Reds.