Lush Labs

Lush Labs is the life of 3 labradors.  Rosie our 4 year old fox red labrador and her children Bear and Izzy. We live in rural Gloucestershire, surrounded by fields and trees. At times we have to get our humans to help with all matters online, thats Heather and Nick, they live with us along with 2 cats; Lily and Vesper. 


Rosie is our amazing Fox Red girl. From a pup Rosie was special. She was a natural retriever from 8 weeks! The balls always gets brought back and placed next to you... no training. She is very beautiful. Now we dont like to assign dogs to the humans but in this case we can. Rosie is Heather's dog, they have such a bond. Human mum has medical issues and without training Rosie can alert when things are about to happen, again non of this has been trained.

Rosie loves tennis balls, she isn't too bothered about food.. not a typical Labrador!


Izzy is Rosie’s daughter and will become our next breeding bitch. With Hip, Elbow and Eye scores of 000 she is just perfect. Izzy is very keen to please. She has excellent recall, even in unfamiliar places. She knows the whistle means come to me and sit. Izzy is a natural mother. She loves to nurse the other pets and loves to clean anyone’s ears. We know she will make an excellent mother when her time comes. We are starting to do a bit of training with her but nothing too heavy. Izzy has a great relationship with Rosie. When Izzy was a few weeks old Rosie taught her how to retrieve in water. Izzy adores swimming. Izzy loves to play with Bear, she does wind him up a little but the 2 work brilliantly as a team… especially if food is involved.


Our devilishly handsome boy. Bear had a natural nose from a pup. He is the best tracker dog I have worked with. To be honest he should really be a police dog as he is that good. Instead he is our Model dog. Bear was a quick learner, at 11 weeks old he was coming and sitting when taking photos, he knows how to work his magic looks. Its often commented how his eyes are very expressive.

Bear is very different to Izzy. Bear has been doing some dummy work, however had to swap a normal dummy to a rabbit one. In the end we found that he wouldn't make it as a gun dog. Instead we are currently having scent training lessons. He is doing brilliantly. Have to say, he is a natural!

Bear is currently being trained to be a professional model. Most of the photos you see will be of him. It doesn’t mean that we don’t love the others as much, but this is going to be his profession. If your looking at booking Bear for photos, then please get in contract.