Welcome to our website, we are Lush Labs. Better known as Rosie, Bear and Izzy. We live in rural Gloucestershire with 2 cats and 2 humans. During the day you will often find us out and about or on social media....

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Brayston Cider Rosie

Rosie is 6 years old, In 2017 she gave birth to a litter of 8. We kept a son and daughter. Naming them Bear and Izzy. 

Rosie loves to play with tennis balls, but even more than tennis balls, she loves cuddles. Obedient since a pup, naturally retrieves and knows what to do.



LushLabs Kinloss

Bear is Rosie's son, with Sam ( Flynn Glenn of Wickmoor)

Bear is a bit of a heart throb, he is a soft and gentle lad, but can be firm when needed. He has an amazing nose on him and has done some scent work, we plan to keep this going, he is also a natural retriever. He cant catch a ball but he can mark. 



LushLabs Pennypot

Izzy is Rosie's daughter with Sam ( Flynn Glenn of Wickmoor)

In 2019 she had a litter of 9 puppies. 

Izzy is a force of nature, she is loving and loyal. She is highly competitive, with a drive to please. She can catch but also has an amazing nose on her. Highly intelligent, but can also be a bit of a diva.


Heather and Nick

LushLabs Homo-Sapien

Heather is mainly our social media guru, she is also handy with a camera. Rarely is she in front of the camera. It's something we are working on.  She is always with us, bakes us home baked treats and looks after our every need, we have trained her well.

Nick is dad, he lets us get away with all the naughty stuff, Heather won't let us do. He can work in London or at home. This year he is helping Bear take on his Epic Muddy Dog Challenge for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home by running all 9 Challenges around the UK, which has never been done before.

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We love working with new companies or even just people wanting to know more about us, or registering interest for a puppy.


Forest of Dean, Coleford, Sir Fynwy, England, United Kingdom

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