Bear and Nicks Epic 9 Muddy Dog Challenges

Firstly, sorry for the lack of blogs, 2019 has been an odd year! Izzy had a litter of 9 beautiful pups, human who runs this had lots of medical things done to her; but we are back ! 

What better way to celebrate than to take on a challenge.

In 2019 Nick and Bear took in the Cheltenham Muddy Dog Challenge for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

They raised nearly £500, thank you!!!!

But they wanted to do it again, only better....... so .......... they are doing all 9 challenges !!!!!

This is Epic!!! No one has ever done all 9 before!

They will be travelling all around the UK taking on the Muddy Dog Challenge with the hope of this time raising £1000.

If you follow the link below, you can keep track of updates and donate!!!

Donate Here!!!!

Muddy Dog Challenge Video!

Bear and Nicks Battersea Muddy Dog Challenge

We consider ourselves Lucky to have the dogs, we think they have a good home. However, not all dogs and cats are as lucky as ours.  There are too many animals without loving homes, or being mistreated.  We know we can't help everyone, but we can try.

When Bear was a puppy he was a silly boy, he jumped over a gate to see his buddy Bramble, but he was attached to a lead and fell onto the tarmac. He landed on his hips and spine.  Luckily nothing was broken, but it has been over a year of treatment. He is 90% there, not sure if we will ever get 100%  but he has been cleared to return to normal dog activities as long as we keep up with his exercises

As a result, we want to do something good to celebrate him doing so well, we want to give back something

Bear and Nick will be taking part in the Battersea Cats and Dogs Home, muddy dog challenge!!. 

They are running 2.5km and will be tackling ball pits, lots of mud, other challenges and of course water.

Those who know Bear will know he isn't a fan of water!

We are chuffed to have already reached our £100 goal on the just giving page, but we are still asking for help. Every penny counts. 

You can help in so many ways. You can donate with the link below, tell people about us, share our social media links or this web page. We really want to try and make a big difference. You also can come and support us on the day, its taking place at Stowell Park, Cheltenham on the 1st of June. We are the last group to set off.

Thank you all

Bear and Nick


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Bear and Nicks Battersea Muddy Dog Challenge

We consider ourselves Lucky to have the dogs, we think they have a good home. However, not all dogs and cats are as lucky as ours.  There are too many animals without loving homes, or being mistreated.  We know we can't help everyone, but we can try.

When Bear was a puppy he was a silly boy, he jumped over a gate to see his buddy Bramble, but he was attached to a lead and fell onto the tarmac. He landed on his hips and spine.  Luckily nothing was broken, but it has been over a year of treatment. He is 90% there, not sure if we will ever get 100%  but he has been cleared to return to normal dog activities as long as we keep up with his exercises

As a result, we want to do something good to celebrate him doing so well, we want to give back something

Bear and Nick will be taking part in the Battersea Cats and Dogs Home, muddy dog challenge!!. 

They are running 2.5km and will be tackling ball pits, lots of mud, other challenges and of course water.

Those who know Bear will know he isn't a fan of water!

We are chuffed to have already reached our £100 goal on the just giving page, but we are still asking for help. Every penny counts. 

You can help in so many ways. You can donate with the link below, tell people about us, share our social media links or this web page. We really want to try and make a big difference. You also can come and support us on the day, its taking place at Stowell Park, Cheltenham on the 1st of June. We are the last group to set off.

Thank you all

Bear and Nick


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Welcome to the world of Lush Labs

Our Rap

Wilson Pet food

The cold pressed revolution

There are so many blogs out there, here at LLHQ we try to keep our blogs short and sweet… most of the time when we are reading other peoples blogs we are bored half way through or feel like we are getting a lecture, the reason why we make ours short and sweet is due to the fact, we have done the testing for you… We give you the ups and downs and then let you make up your own mind.

We have spoken before that nutrition is vitally important for a dogs growth and development, physically but also mentally.

We have tried  many different types of food, but since discovering cold pressed food we keep coming back to it.

A few months ago a new product was launched by Wilsons Pet food. They have been making pet food since 1861. It is cold pressed, but what makes this different to other brands, is that it's made in the UK!! All of the other cold pressed food is made in Europe. Why should this make a difference??…. Well Wilsons own the factory, they source all the meat from UK farms, even the seaweed is collected from around the British Isles… it means they have control of the product, they know what goes into the food and don’t rely on a 3rd party to make it!

As you know Rosie is our fussy eater, this cold pressed food is a different texture to other brands, you still need to slowly change over. It comes in 3 amazing flavours, which is nice as you can change it, so that your dog is getting a varied diet.

The flavours are

Mountain Stream :- Scottish Salmon and Sweet Potato

Secret Pasture :- British Lamb and Brown Rice

Sunrise Song :- Chicken and Vegetables

There are no artificial colours or preservatives

There really isn't a downside, but what I would say, is slowly change over.

Our dogs have lovely glossy coats, also they don’t seem to scratch as much.

Another plus is Wilson's will deliver all over the UK , from John O'Groats to Land's End, they will make sure the food gets to you.

One final point, Hamish, the rescue scottie, that belongs to the grandparents was the first to try this, my god, his coat has improved, he is less stressed, bowel movements are regular now!! He loves to eat it, in-fact the bowl is cleaner post grub , he gets it cleaner than the dishwasher, now that has to be tasty food!

The photo is Rosie, as you can see she loves it!

At the moment they are offering free samples, but if you want to dive straight in then use the code Lushlabs for 10% off.

halloween , fox red Labrador, pumpkins, dogs, labrador


Autumn has arrived, with it comes glorious colours. Leaves are falling which in turn is great fun to chase, when a gust of wind takes them.

Often its also the season many pet owners dread. Its the rotting fruit from trees, the conkers, fungi growing, then we get on to fireworks.

In all the beauty that is Autumn ,it can be deadly.

Here at LLHQ we have fruit trees, often you will see the pups eating the fruit. When they are ripe we don’t mind them having one or two, but as the season comes to an end its vital that all apples get picked up. They start to decompose, this produces chemicals which can be deadly to your dog. If your lucky they could end up with bad tummy, in some cases it can kill.

Writing this just made me think, have I checked the apples lately? No… so off I go. Most were good but some had spores on them. Im so glad I checked

We also have a horse chestnut tree, yes conkers… another toxic thing, and when picking up the apples found some mushrooms that had to be removed, I only checked a few days ago, its amazing how quickly they grow!, Thats just outside the house!

This isn’t meant to frighten you, as many things are safe for dogs but this is the season to be more aware….

Halloween is coming which is normally a fun time, we don’t get trick or treaters here but some candy contains xylitol , which is highly toxic. Kids come back with loads of candy, and dogs could sneak some. Again something to be aware…

A dogs love

As an owner of 3 dogs, its really hard at times to give everyone the time they all deserve. I wish I had 6 hands so I could fuss them all at the same time. But when my dogs look at me, the way Izzy is, in this photo, I know that I'm doing alright. 

Body conditioning

Izzy has started back up with Hydrotherapy . Bear can play a little rough. We had nipped it in the bud, but after his return from a holiday he started up again. Izzy took a few tumbles. Soft tissue damage. The hydro helps her heal but also builds up her muscles. She has a short course of them, then will be on top ups.

Pet  First Aid Kit

Paws At Polly's

On twitter we often have asked, do you have a first aid kit? Is it a bought one? Home made?

Here at lush labs we have a bit of both, we have a big walk first aid kit, a car first aid kit and then a home one.

We were asked recently by Paws At Polly's to try a pet first aid kit.

Seen as this is a subject we are passionate about we agreed.

Mum normally finds she has to add to most pet first aid kits, as they are made by big companies who don’t really know about dogs and just load things in a bag, bump up the price because its a pet one….

But Paws at Polly's is different. Hannah who created it, started a dog boarding business, she would take dogs out for walks and was always aware accidents can always happen. She has tailored this first aid kit, and included a brilliant little guide, on how to use stuff.

Whats also fantastic is the guide contains a list of possible scenarios that may happen, but also what you need to check for and what to do.

So whats in the kit?

Simple answer is lots, you have the amazing guide, tweezers, foil blanket, mouth to mouth piece , wipes, saline , just to name a few. You can also add more from Paws at Polly's website if you want to customise your kit.

If you know our humum, then you would know she would try and fit the kitchen sink in the pack too, but you have to draw a line somewhere.

This by far is the best pet first aid kit, especially for the cost RRP £15.95 , but what makes this extra special for us is the booklet, it show you how to do things, what to look for. Of course this is only a temporary measure until you can get to your vet, but a few things can make a huge difference.

You can buy them from Hannah directly at

Or you can find them on Amazon, eBay and Etsy

Hospital or Clinic.... how we ended up choosing our Vets

When your animal gets sick, you want the best care. How do you chose a vet? Some class themselves as Animal Hospitals, others just Veterinary Clinic. What is the difference and what service are you paying for?

Well they both have Veterinarians, Vet Nurses. Normally a hospital will be bigger, but this isn’t always the case. A hospital will more likely be able to offer other services and maybe specialised Veterinarians. It may have a scanner, dental services, intensive care.

Some clinics do have the same facilities as a hospital, however most clinics, can x-ray, do basic blood tests, board sick animals. Some even have laser treatments, can provide dental services and a few other treatments you may associate with a hospital, the best thing to do, is research your local area.

We are lucky our last 2 practices have been amazing, but it always wasn’t like that.

When we first moved to the Shire, we went with the most fancy hospital, it had all these fancy extras. When we needed help we were shocked, yes they have equipment but the care was lacking. I was given a dog in the reception room in front of other customers by a nurse( after Sally had been in all day for X-rays), who told me that the vet would call me when they were free. The dog was covered in shit and soaked in urine, it was baked on! She could hardly move, also she had ruptured her cruciate ligament. We took her to the next vet we had seen driving back, pokey little practice but one of the best vets ever. They did her operation and until we moved, we stayed with them.

With that experience, when we moved to the Forest we knew that we wanted to breed with Rosie, so having a good vet was important!

Few were recommended by our neighbours, but we didn’t go with the closest… why? Well the closest one didn’t do own out of hours, they pool with other vets. So if your dog is injured or sick, you could be still going into Gloucester to see a vet who doesn’t know you or your dog… and boy you could get stung!! I spoke to the local vets and was told a call out would start at £350 upwards just for a consult.

Add on other treatment and a sick dog at night, treated by a stranger could be expensive. It was decided we would chose a practice that was further away, but had amazing reviews, own out of hours, hydro pool next door and was a farming and pet practice.

As you know we often visit our vets… unfortunately having multiple pets its rare to have everyone healthy!

We consider everyone at our Vets as family now. They have been with us through the good and bad. We know the vets, they know us and they know our animals. When your feeling ill , its a lot nicer to have a familiar face helping you, especially  when your getting a thermometer inserted! Not to mention continuation of care.

What was wonderful, is when we moved to the Forest and I phoned the vets at Ross, I was invited to come in and even meet with one of the vets. Proof is 3 years down the line non of my animals are frightened at the vets, they are excited, they see it as a great day out, no matter what they do. It breaks my heart when owners drag a dog into the vets…. Its not suppose to be like that. 

Dealing with the Death of Animal 

I use the word animal as I believe that they are more than just a pet. They are family. Since the beginning of 2017 we have lost 3 animals. All in very different ways and the grief has always been different.

We often talk about losing a loved one, people understand if its a brother or sister, but what if is a family animal? why can't we grieve  in the same way?

What we do or have done might not be right for you and you might not agree  but I want to talk about it, incase it helps someone 


Our lovely girl had a bunch of health problems and I had given up work to care for her. She was the first dog my husband and I had. Our baby. Even through ill health I nursed her, but it was an acute cancer that took her. Rosie's pups were only 1 month old . The night before I knew something wasn’t right and it was vets next morning. PTS, bad cancer. The shock of that, blew me away. Hubby was in London, my mother was up, and I had 8 hungry puppies at home that needed care. There was no time to grieve as these new lives depended on us humans, we cried, but life goes on. After the pups left it suddenly hit us again , as if we had been walking into a brick wall, more tears, followed by anger, could I have picked it up sooner? How come the vets hadn't found it in her blood work months before.

The thing which is hard to admit, is when Grace was pts, coming out of the vets I felt a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was heartbroken, but I knew her dementia wouldn’t be affecting her, her hips would no longer be in pain, she was free.


Our stunning black Labrador is the toughest thing I have ever had to do. As to my dying day I will forever feel guilty. Daisy had a joint problem from a young age, we had ops, managed it, I did hydro in the summer, then winter,  everything. Few years ago I could see   her back ankle was starting to cause more problems, so I asked the vets, could we amputate??? As I knew it was her best shot for a longer life. The answer was no, she was too muscular and that they believed drugs were the answer. Few years later, on the strongest of drugs, there was another shift…… a piece of bone had broken off….. it caused her so much pain, went to the vets and a senior vet suggested it could be her hips, so would x ray, but hips we fine, they were beautiful. Her ankle was a mess, the vet said its one of the worst she had seen. We were given an option. There was an operation that could be done, but its success rate was really bad. It was stupidly expensive, and it was money we didn’t have. My parents had offered to help us with it as her leg was no longer covered on insurance.. The op was £6k-£10k if the op goes ok and if it doesn’t well we could be looking at over £12k+ and end up still having to put her to sleep. Not only that the operation itself was extremely painful. What do you do????? Apart from an ankle we had a healthy dog!!!

It was decided the kindest thing was PTS, she had been in a level of pain all her life, recently it got worse, how could I inflict more pain when the odds of an op we 90% fail? As we never got to say a proper good bye to Grace we wanted to do things differently with Daisy. She was booked in for the Monday, That weekend mum and dad came up and we had a blast, went round all her favourite places, ate what ever she wanted, then Monday came. Vets were due 3.30 but they were a little late… your mind rushes, is it a sign? When the vets arrived my mother wanted to say a few things, as she knew I was struggling, I didn’t want a plastic bag in the house! They were good they brought a big towel. Our vet came in and said how we had made the right decision, she re looked over the X-ray and the op was just too risky, PTS was the right decision, yet it still didn’t feel like it. Daisy knew something was up, she tried to run…. She knew what was coming , my mother had to persuade her to come into the sitting room. It was awful. Felt like leading a prisoner to execution…for a bad ankle. With all my animals I insist when its time, they get a muscle relaxant, so they almost go off to sleep first and are not fully aware of whats going on. Daisy had the relaxant we all chatted and hugged her. Then I was asked if I was ready….. no I wasn't, I was putting a dog down for an ankle…. My mind could not understand. But she was in so much pain so it had to be done. She slipped away in my arms. The next day I got a chest infection, that turned into pneumonia. It was all caused by stress, my doctors told me. Even now I have this awful guilt. I know I did the right thing, but an ankle. It just doesn't seem right.


Our eldest cat belonged to my husband, I say belonged because she hated me, maybe hate is a strong word, but I did all the flea treatments , worming etc… and she wasn’t grateful in the slightest. Always scratching me.

Apart from one dog attack at our old house, and a mini argument with a car, she had been fairly healthy! Molly was our 4th dog, she came on walks, cleaned the dogs, when Grace left she became boss. Her hips had not been so good, she was 11 years old and more feral than domesticated. She loved outdoors, she would find her own food, sleep outside, patrol the village.

Mc Adams Dog Food

Every now and then we like to change our dog food. Why? Well you wouldn’t eat the same dinner every night, so why should your dogs? It is our goal to find the best dog food for our labs that combines good food and our ethical values.

Having 3 labradors you would think they all eat the same, but they don't.  Pups will eat anything, but Rosie is really picky. She has never been keen on dried , or even cold pressed. We always have to mix in wet, just to get her to eat. Having said that we tried her on raw…. That wasn’t to her liking either.

If you had seen our video a while back, we went to crufts and got loads of samples to see how the food swells and look at what is in the food we were given… frightening!

We have now switched foods, as have found a food that

Rosie loves!!!

Mc Adams has worked wonders and these are a few benefits of it

Uses British Free Range Meat

Ethical standards that meet our own

Meat comes from DEFRA approved farms

Manufacturing is in Britain

Its not full of any nasties

Mc Adams food, has even been rated 4.9 out of 5 on

Mc Adams has opened our eyes to the pet food industry, their food is British Free Range Chicken! They also use everything possible and not meat meal( skin and bits n bobs of a carcass)

Whats more is Mc Adams contains no nasties, it is gluten free. Dogs get issues with gluten too.

However since feeding her McAdams she doesn’t need wet food, she loves it so much, she is salivating as food is prepared, she comes and thanks us after, rolls around, rubs into furniture… with pleasure. Now to me thats the sign of a good food. Even Molly our elderly cat was caught stealing it!!!

Have a look 


Dogfest West was held in the famous Ashton Court Estate, Bristol. But what is Dogfest? Well many years ago the supervet aka Mr Noel Fitzpatrick held a small festival in a field near his practice, to support his chosen charity. Since then it has grown in size. Its a festival for Dogs! Canine companions are welcome, which makes a wonderful change as there are too many events which wont allow dogs.

There is live music, have a go events, amazing displays, meet the Team from Fitzpatrick Referrals, Dock Diving, The Great Dog Walk and lots of shopping.

But aside from all of that , what we love is everyone who is there loves dogs, even if they are no longer here, its a group of people coming together to enjoy all things dog.

This year we took Bear along, we didn’t take the girls, but will explain that in a few weeks! He had to suddenly be a solo dog without his wing women. We met up with some old friends and made some amazing new ones including one VIP!!!!! Yes Bear got cuddles from the wonderful, talented and lovely Michaela Strachen.

Now of course we bought a few new things, which I am sure we will share with you over the next few days but check out twitter for up to date info.

We could talk all day about how amazing Dogfest is, but the only way you will know, is to go yourself. 

Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey so far.....

English Heritage - Goodrich Castle

Finding dog friendly places in Gloucestershire has become a passion for us and the humans. This bank holiday weekend Bear headed out with the Humans, as we heard that Goodrich Castle was dog friendly.

Parking is great, nice and shaded, which is good as it keeps the car cool for later. As we walked up the steps….. oooh it has a café!! With lots of goodies being served. Bear was free to enter, but the humans had to pay, as mum was sorting the funds out, Bear was asked if He wanted a Biscuit…. Had an option of flavours, and even home-made ones!!!! Spoilt!!!

What Labrador says no to a B I S C U I T??

Bear had to try homemade, and boy he says they were good. Really good! He also got a fuss too. Also a water bowl was outside in the café area.

Headed up a short walk, you can’t see the castle from the visitor area, then suddenly wow, big castle! With Views over the River Wye. Had to walk over a bridge into the main castle. Sniffs galore. You can explore every room, Bear did say he had found the perfect place for Izzy, the dungeon…..

Outside you can walk all around the ruins, see where the stables used to be and look over the beautiful River Wye.

With places as good as this that are dog friendly….. Wye not?

After your epic adventure you can treat yourself to goodies at the gift shop, they have dog gifts too! The humans can have a visit to the café, brilliant outside seating area with a fresh water bowl for the 4paws.

It was so good that the humans have become members of English Heritage, as many of the sites are dog friendly. We will be back to Goodrich Castle soon and now looking for our next English Heritage adventure…

Must add this is Rosie typing this via mum, you know children, they have such a wonderful day, tell you all about it, then fall off to sleep. Bear is in the land of nod, even Lily the cat trying to clean him isn’t waking him….. so it must have been a wonderful day.

Chuck It Dog Toys

Its difficult to find the perfect toy, as every dog is different. Some may be tennis ball connoisseurs, some may love a good squeaker or even a fluffy toy. It can be a challenge,  don't get us started on destruction scale...  we are now starting to rate all our toys on play quality, engagement and destruction .... all very handy bits of information to know.

Over the years we have had a few Chuck It items, they are a regular play time toy. Recently the humans went to Crufts and brought back a few goodies to add to our collection.  We already have the M size ball launcher and some glow in the dark balls ( Humans love these as they can find the ones we didn't) but they came back with some really strong balls that squeak, its not just a simply touch of the mouth squeak, you have to give it a good squeeze which is very satisifying. We love it  so much that mum always has one on a walk as its an emergancy come to me toy.

We also have the cube, we know what your saying, cube???? but the edges are rounded and when its thrown it can go in any direction! FUN for hours!  Recently we also had a Ultra Sling, unfortunalty it never got used as some little monster decided to chew the most important bit, note to owners; don't leave fun toys where pups can find them. This isn't chuck its fault, its mum and dads.... they didn't put it somewhere safe.

Not sure if you can buy replacements... but will investigate.


Nearly a year ago, Bear was a silly boy. See past blog for details. He had been doing amazing with hydro and physio, but something happened only the other week. What we don't know what happened  but from walking from one building into hydro  something dramatically changed. Bear couldn't walk properly, he couldn't do his excerises in the treadmill and we had to end the session ( emergency drain down!) and go straight to the vets. Nothing obvious was found.. but the vet didn't know Bear's case. So next day we went to see his regular vet. She confirmed something just wasn't right.... it was decided an MRI scan was needed. We have to know whats going on. The metacam that he was on was not helping with the  pain , so it was changed to another which got Bear back to being a little monkey. Then it was just waiting for an appointment. We were going to try for Langford Vets but unfortunatly the wait was too long and Bear had stability issues with his back legs. 

When that happens its frightening and humum did turn into a crazy dog lady.

We then found that Rowe vets could scan Bear  quicker, so on the 6/4/18 Bear headed to Wotton Under Edge for his MRI scan. The vet Ian was lovely, on examination he did find Bear was reacting a bit on his spine. He was booked in by a great nurse who swapped his collar and lead for one of theirs.... now Its a bold practice who have a bright pink collar with diamante studs on it... but thats the only one that fit our boy. He rocked the look, but couldn't shame the lad by taking a photo when we know whats was about to happen.

So how is Bear now?

We are waiting on the results for the scan. Hopefully any day now we should be getting a call from our vets. We are really hoping its just soft tissue damage and he twinged something. You know us, we will let you know what they say.

Finally we want to thank every one for the lovely messages and prayers that we have had over Bear.  We may not answer them all but they mean so much to us.


Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

Pups turn 1 year old!

Recently the pups turned a year old and in true Lush Lab style we had to hold a pawty for them. There was dog cake for the animals and human cake for the humans, just with a dog on it.  It was lovely to meet all the pups a year later and what was brilliant is Rosie remembered them all. She was very pleased to see them.  It was a very very long day, alas not too many photos taken as everyone was having a good time , but you will find some on our social media sites and a few in the gallery. Big shout out people who have sent us photos,  as we didn't take enough on the day ,( Sacked mum as she is our PA but she has sausages so she was reinstated, but under new rules!)

People often are a bit shocked when you say dog party. They either think its weird or wonderful. Most want to know details. A  few years ago when Grace turned 10 we invited some of our friends and social media friends to a pool party. It was amazing, everyone got along.. this is why we wanted to host the puppy birthday, seems like everyone wants to meet up again... so it could happen every year!

Now we know online etc many people pose and make up a life which simply isnt real... can't be doing with that. We post everything in real time and true, good bits and bad.  Lot of time and effort went into the party. Bunting was made by our lovely  HuGrandparents, friends had come to help us celebrate as we believe that when you get a puppy from us, you become family.  Next puppy meet up will be in the summer though!

Food for Thought

When we first got Grace she was on Pedigree …. It’s a supermarket stocked brand.. Now Grace was a pain…. At nearly 2 years old I was ready to throw in the towel. Until someone suggested changing her food. What I didn’t realise was how much sugar she was consuming… the food which she had been fed since a pup was in fact wrong for her!

We moved onto a holistic brand and we got a normal dog back but then more problems arose with her coat and bowel.

It got us thinking about what’s in food… and its frightening. Owners often see television adverts with dogs in the countryside enjoying a bowl of nutritious food… when what they are eating hasn’t seen a real bit of meat. Its all filler with colourants and flavour enhancers. Now we must be realistic, not everyone can afford the best food, you want the best for your dog; for example, take someone we know. They fed a dog on real cheap stuff. The dog smelt awful all the time, bad fur, bad breath, skin problems etc. It was costing them a fortune in vet bills. We suggested they try and improve the food quality and maybe things might clear up.

Result was amazing… just 50p a day increase changed that dog’s life, nearly 3 months in to the new food, and all the allergies had gone. It may not work for everyone, but it worked for that dog.

You suddenly hear of new foods and often the words raw, cold pressed, kibble…. But what do they mean and how do they affect your dog. It can leave you more confused. We wont go into all the science bit on this blog.. but it is coming.

The Pet food industry world wide is worth billions, Only recently in USA a wet tinned food was found to contain pentobarbital which is used in animals to sedate or euthanize. Which we find frightening.

How do you know what is really in your food?

Only way to find out is read the labels and ask questions.

Here at Lushlabs we feed cold pressed food. Luckily it’s a small market at the moment.

We put 4 different brands to the test. Guru, Tribal, Forthglade and Gentle

Why do we feed cold pressed? Well we aren’t Raw feeders, its not something we like or believe, also have heard things about bacteria, it’s a pain to defrost , smells awful etc. We don’t need to feed raw. We have friends that do and its worked for them, but it’s not for us.

So we use cold pressed… why?

Years ago, we went to see a stand at Dogfest, this company had 2 glasses filled with the same amount of food, only one regular kibble and the other cold pressed food. They then added same amount of water to each. Wow…. After time the kibble expanded, it had used all the water… Imagine this was in your dogs stomach. It would bloat!!!! The dog would drink lots of water as the food kept sucking it all up. The cold pressed just sunk to the bottom and the water was on top. No swelling.

Now suddenly a lightbulb hit! That and pure horror at what I had been feeding my dogs…. We changed to cold pressed food and have not looked back. Even in the small market of cold pressed food there are differences. Some use meat and other ingredients that have already been cooked at a high temp then cold pressed, which no doubt destroyed all the goodness in the food. Some cook at lower temperatures. Its all about reading the labels and asking the question

Now here at Lushlabs we are not massive bloggers who are just out to get freebies and promote anything. We only talk about what matters to us… so we suggest you do your own research and find out what works for you but here is what we found about the 4 brands

Forthglade: We found it expensive, funny smell and the dogs wouldn’t touch it, neither would the cats. Even when we mixed in wet.. it was still refused, now having Labradors… they are not known for saying no to food.

Simple : Izzy ate it but Bear and Rosie we not too keen. Its not too badly prices but again a funny smell and a not pleasant smell on the way out… if you catch our drift

Guru: Its what we normally feed and they know it. Bear and Izzy love it and love to gobble it dry, Rosie likes it dry occasionally but prefers something wet mixed in.

Tribal: Amazing choice in flavours, Interesting that its cooked at a much lower temperature than some of the others. Pups loved it but Rosie flatly refused, even when we tried to mix in wet. What we will say is Tribal make biscuits as all of them go down well, even with my husband!

Sarah Price Chartered Physiotherpy

When your pet is unwell you take them to the Vets, what happens if they just a little lame? Surely its nothing and you think that it will go away eventually? Or just keep giving them painkillers. Animals are great at hiding pain. Often there can be a severe problem which has caused the lameness, or the dog behaving different, its not always the case and always talk to your vet first about different treatments, often your vet will prescribe alternatives which some insurances cover.

As you are all probably aware, Bear Injured his spine and hips. His X-ray came back clear, but you could clearly see something was not right. Soft tissue damage was diagnosed, and a course of hydrotherapy was prescribed.

Bear has been doing brilliantly at Hydro, but he was not improving as quickly as expected, therefore the Team wanted a second opinion. So Chartered Canine Physiotherapist Sarah Price was called in.

As Bear is so young and has a long life ahead of him, we needed to sort him out sooner rather than later, its easier to fix problems at the beginning. We met Sarah at the Wye Valley Hydrotherapy Unit.

Sarah could instantly see there was a problem. Bear’s measurements were the same on both back legs, but there is muscle wastage, many professionals just go by what is on the tape, but Sarah could feel that we had problems. She used her expert hands to do some massage and manipulation and the humans were given a treatment plan to carry out at home.

Next day… wow!!! Different dog!!! We suddenly got a bouncy, naughty puppy back. Bear had better range of movement, longer strides and was just happier.

Fast forward a few weeks later and a Bouncy Bear was back to meet Sarah at the Wye Valley Hydro, this time a physio session and a hydro session straight after, so Sarah could see how Bear is in the water. It was visible that he had made huge improvements since first meeting Sarah, more treatment was given and more homework. After a pool Session Bear was shattered…. For 10 minutes then a bouncy happy puppy.

1 session changed Bear’s life. We could have kept him on Metacam, but he in now officially off the meds as he is doing so well. This isn’t a quick fix, it’s a long journey.

Sarah is a brilliant professional, who clearly has a love for animals. She seems to have an admirer in Bear.

For anyone who is thinking about a physio appointment, we would recommend you try it, even if its just once.

We know that we have amazing Vets, amazing team at the Wye Valley Hydrotherapy Unit,  now Bear  has added to his recovery team is  the leading Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapy practice in Wales.

The lovely thing is Sarah not only treats dogs, but horses and Humans too.

Wye Valley Hydrotherapy

For Human and Pets, no one likes going to seek medical help. We are lucky and have amazing vets. They have state of the art equipment and brilliant staff. As you know 2017 we have had to rely heavily on our vets, for emergency C-section, x rays, bumps, lumps and helping us say goodbye in the most peaceful way possible to Grace and Daisy.

Attached to the practice is Wye Valley Hydrotherapy, inside it has a lovely large pool with a ramp in and out and a wonderful new water walker. Grace, Daisy, Izzy and Bear have all been using a water walker. Treating ailments such as arthritis and soft tissue damage. It also helped build up Graces muscle as her right leg had wasted away. But it built it back up.

Now the pups as you are aware keep getting into pickles (well Izzy mainly) but our Bear had an accident. He was so excited to see his buddy Bramble that he tried to jump a gate and because he was attached to a lead ended up on his spine and hips. His X-rays are clear, but he has soft tissue damage. The water walker  is brilliant, he took to it very well, with the help of cheddar….. now primula as its easy to dispense, less messy on fingers and a certain Bear doesn’t bite your fingers.

There are new staff at the Hydro unit and they have fitted in wonderfully. Our recent session was with the Lovely Holly.

As Bear was moving she was feeling his joints, and joined him in the walker. There are mirrors around the walker, so you always can see what’s going on.

Saturdays session our Vet, Jenny popped into see how Bear was doing. Bear and Jenny have a long relationship as she helped bring him into the world… and often sees Izzy as she is the one always getting into trouble. Progress has been made but more work needs to be done, so back to hydro again next week and soon be going into the main pool, so Bear and can work on his hips. Izzy will be back in the main pool too soon.

Of course there will be more photos along the way and we will keep you all updated on progress of everyone.

Tribal Dog Biscuits

Hello all,

We must tell you about some amazing natural and nutritious dog Treats. They are from a company called Tribal and we tried the Liver and Lavender. Each biscuit is full of nutrients which have a calming aroma to keep us pets happy and relaxed.

Now being Labradors, we have the reputation of being dust bins…. We aren’t like that.

Us pups will eat almost anything and its tough at times as Izzy has a thing for acorns which is bad… but Rosie is really fussy when it comes to biscuits or any dry food.

Our Humum is always on a mission to try and find us new treats, new toys anything to keep us busy and engaged. This is an important thing to do. Humans don’t eat the same food every day, so why should we?

Some treats are everyday but some are kept as special and used for training.

These Yummy Liver and Lavender biscuits, we class as an everyday treat biscuit, they are crunchy and good, but a bit impractical for training as they are sooooooo big. Not that we are complaining but feel they are more an at home, nibble whist watching the TV on the sofa. A perfect way to relax on an evening.

What’s also nice is they are made in the UK, from human grade ingredients which have no wheat or gluten and there is no nasty artificial stuff in there.

They come in lots of different flavours and once the snow has gone, we will be sending our servants out to get more and sample each one…. Just to quality control them for you all. It’s a tough job…. But we are up for the challenge.


Rosie, Bear and Izzy

World Class Dog Coats

Now it’s the Season for mud and rain! It’s great being a multi dog household but it does have its challenges. One of the biggest, is wet dog days.

Yes when there are 3 soaking wet dogs on a cold and damp day. The owner doesn’t have enough hands to dry everyone… so a poor dog will end up being the last one to be dried and always a little bit colder.

But we aren’t those dogs! We all have a Ruff and Tumble dog drying coat. They are pawsome! As soon as we come in from the wet, or about to jump into the car, coats are on. They help dry us. Mum also uses the drying mitts which we find are perfect for cleaning and drying our paws.

After a short time, we are dry and toasty. It’s a known fact that once we have them on, we make it difficult to take them off.

What we love too is the range of colours they come in. Rosie in the picture is currently modelling the new limited-edition colour. We think she looks very stylish. What’s also totally pawsome is that you can have your name, or like us our kennel name embroidered on it!

Now this is a product we have recommended time and time again, simply because it works.

Mum says it’s easy to wash and keep clean and it’s so good we also have a sofa cover.

If you want to know more check them out

Our Food

Hello all, long time no blog.

Recently we have been asked; What are we Fed? Now there are so many products in the market, it’s very difficult to choose what’s good and what isn’t. What is more frightening is what goes in the food.

Over the years we have had to adapt and try different ones. Our old Grace was started on pedigree, it made her hyper… so we switched to Robbie’s…. Then Canagan. Daisy we found piled weight on with soooooo many foods and was a fussy eater. In a few months on Arden Grange she has gained 8kg . That’s a worry. We feel dogs are like humans, we all like different things and not everything agrees with us.

Now last year we won a competition to get tickets to the Game Fair. They were from a company called Guru Pet Food. We didn’t know them but went along to the stand to say thank you. It started to be a lifelong friendship with the brand.

Now we should point out that we aren’t getting paid for this, we do this out of respect and quality of the products and the benefits it brings to us.

We went home later with some samples and it changed our lives forever.

The dogs loved the food... Daisy had to have grain free.

The coats became glossy, they were brighter and healthier. What shocked us and to be honest it made total sense... is the whole cold pressed food. The dogs don’t guzzle water, the food inside the stomach doesn’t swell, its superior quality and from real people! Not some big faceless company.

Now the years have passed, and Rosie, Bear and Izzy are on it. Pups and adult?? Yes, as it’s a whole life food!!!!!

The website has a great calculator on it to work out how much you should be eating.

Not only is the food brilliant, they make them in bone shapes. It’s a meal in a bone, perfect for holidays, trips out, easy breakfast (which is what we have every morning)

To add to the food, they now do sausages…. Yes sausages! Venison ones! They are so good you will often find them sold out! As Guru say, nothing to hide in them.

If you want to check them out,

The website is

You will also find they tweet, Facebook and Instagram almost as much as us, but also its nice as you can always use the dog and bone and talk to a real person! Not some call centre.

Just tell them, Lush Labs sent you.


First Blog

13th May 2017

We know many people will know us from Twitter, now we do blog now and then but normally we tweet. However not everyone uses social media so we are trying to keep everyone updated.

In these blogs we will talk about our life... what we get up to and on occasion if there is something we wanted to share with the world.

Daisy has laser treatment

16th May 2017

If your not aware Daisy has a bad arthritic hock. Painkillers are helping however more help is needed. She has started hydrotherpy and today has started laser treatment. We are hoping that the class 4 laser will help to ease her pain and give her a better quality of life. She has had the problem from a young age. She even had bone shaved off!!!!

Fingers crossed the treatment works , but we will keep you updated.

The Pups are coming home!

16th May 2017

Well after Rosie's traumatic birth, raising the pups till 8 weeks and then keeping 2 pups. life got a bit too much for our humum.  Past 2 weeks Bear and Izzy have been staying with Royvon Dog Hotel and Training. They stayed with one of the trainers in a home enviroment.

Mum had done a lot of the training but had an issue; some of the play fights started to get out of hand. Never having siblings before, Mum was a bit unsure and combined with tiredness looked for help ( Royvon).

The pups were sent away for 2 weeks!!!!

In this time everyone at home got a rest and the puppies got trained. They worked at all the important stuff.

Mum and Dad got regular updates, often with photos ( thank you Linzie for the pic we are using).

We have had glowing referencs about the pups, Izzy just wants to work and please however the words "lazy" was used to described Bear... he is a very chilled Labrador.

The past 2 weeks have felt like an eternity here at Lush Labs HQ.  We have been a bit quieter on social media.  Mum and Dad wanted to make sure we got pampered lots as for a long time its mainly been all about the pups.

Now many people will not like that we sent the pups away. It was a last resort.

We could have sent them to a sitter but then we would miss out on vital training.

Here they got to meet lots of other dogs and learn how to behave properly.

Now the humans just have to carry on with the training!

Tomorrow Master Bear and Little Miss Izzy come home. Counting down the minutes already!

What a week!

16th May 2017

Life always likes to challange you, for us its never easy here at Lush Labs HQ.

Saturday we picked up Bear and Izzy from boot camp. On the way back we had to make an emergancy pit stop... liquid poo. Never a good !

We thought it was down to the excitement of coming home but the past few days.... poor babies they had it rough. No idea what has casued it. Spoke to Boot Camp place and they say all is well their end... but something wasnt right with the puppies.

Izzy got so unwell and dehyrated we had to whisk  her off to the vets. Since medication they are doing better.... or so we thought!

Now we are not  people who panic.... but friday ... as our social media followers will know it was a worry.

Izzy was on her solo walk and she had started to produce some mucus.... nothing odd there. When we got home she was ready for lunch. No sooner did she eat it, then she was bringing it back up only this time so much mucus. She was ashamed and wouldnt let mum near.

After all the food came up , next was bile and more of this sticky mucus... only Izzy was struggling to breathe. She was whistling and making noises never heard a labrador make. It was frightening.

Phoned the vets and they came out, we love our vets as they were here within 1/2 hour (they must of left as soon as i rang)

The lovely vet and RVN know Lush Labs and the pups well so was shocked to see Izzy not being herself, she was exhasusted but had a small drink and kept it down.. then it started again, the mucus and vomiting.

It was decided best thing to do would be to take her back to the practice.

She was monitored and as your all aware pups being pups... foreign bodies is high up on a vets check list when presenting with a young puppy.

nothing was inside, only gas. She was given anti sick drugs and after few hours she returned to being Izzy.

Speaking to the vet they said this type of acute reaction can happen when they lick or sniff something they shouldnt.... i had walked her on a different walk.... 

We were also told that toads can carry nasty stuff..... and a lick could cause this...

The weather is too warm for toads??? well we thought so but then last night dad was coming home and right by the front door.... Mr Toad

maybe this is the end of Toadgate?

Dogfest South

24th June 2017

We had planned on taking Izzy and Bear to Dogfest South at Knebworth. On the Friday someone had decided to be a right little madam. Grandparents were up with Hamish their scottie ( who believes he is the father of the pups) Little Miss Izzy was trying to dominate him, was not listening to commands and was just being a madam. Can’t blame her it’s been a dreadful week not been able to get out much to play.

Back to Dogfest. For those of you who have never heard of it..., it’s basically a festival for dogs. Set up by the Supervet aka Noel Fitzpatrick from Fitzpatrick Referrals. It is a charity event to raise money.

There are displays, stalls, shows, some events you can join in and of course live Supervet on stage.

We had VIP tickets which were pawsome! It gave us better parking, access to the VIP tent all day( it was sooo cool) humans had drinks all day and a buffet lunch ( no lunch was provided for us!!!... think they need to work on that one)

Also include was a special question and answers session with the Supervet himself.

It took us 2.5 hours to get there and of course Bear and Rosie slept the whole journey… when we arrived ohhhhh the smells. Pee mail inbox and outbox was full. So many messages so little time.

Check in was quick. Humans were given a wrist band.

Now over the past year we have become good friends with some amazing companies. So our first stop had to be our good friends at Guru Dog food. Boy the stand was busy! Not surprising as the food is out of this world.

We met the lovely Megan, who was taking photos and her lovely dogs Woody and Wilma ( they are hounds who tweet too)

Slowly we moved from stand to stand, making sure Bear had a rest as he is only little. Its hard because mum says the pups are between the age of you can just about carry them and the “my god your to heavy to carry “age.

Lots of people gave us cuddles and treats.

Finally after lot of bum sniffing, putting up with the adoration of “ it’s a cute puppy… what breed is it?” we ended up in the VIP tent. Baby Bear needed a nap.

Was given a super goody bag. The buffet was out so parents munched whilst we slept… oh she also tweeted a lot!

After a well deserved snooze we headed back out where Rosie fell in LOVE with a fox red male!!! She was kissing him and offering her tummy to him. ( Alas his has been done) then back to the tent for our Q and A session.

We arrived early so got a front row seat and sat waiting, Bear decided to use this opportunity to sleep again, Rosie was little on edge and there was a few badly behaved dogs in the crowd that was forming.

Soon Noel arrived and gave a brilliant talk. It’s a shame most of the question asked to him were totally pointless and personal. Just because you’re on TV doesn’t mean the world has access to your soul and should know every bit about you.

At the end it was photo op time with the Supervet.

Well this is a mum rant.

TO every person who rushed forward to see Noel, shame on you. Some of you KICKED Bear, you stood on him, pushed him! As I was trying to pick Bear up to get him out of the way; you were in such a rush you kept pushing him back down. Eventually I got him onto a straw bale, but how dare any of you say you love dogs when you behave like this!

Now that would have spoilt the day but mum received a message….. she squealed in the tent as a family had arrived to Dogfest. Was it the Middletons? No.. was it the Kardashians? No It was Pollypops, Uncle Ross and Little Lottie ( aka little brown)

Rosie’s Daughter and Bears sister had arrived!!

Well that made it a perfect day, the afternoon was spent playing and kissing. They recognised each other and Rosie was trying to mother Lottie by trying to make her pee , as she did all those weeks ago. The pups played and played… Bear got a little frisky. People were stopping to take photos as 5 Fox Red labs all together was quite an attraction. We explained about mum and pups but also Pollypops and Rosie are distantly related . As the stands were packing up we said goodbye to our Guru buds and friends from Twitter Twilight Bark & “Ruff & Tumble” dog coats and headed off home. Slept all the way… was still tired Sunday. Apart from the hiccup in the tent it was a pawtastic day.

Happy Birthday, our darling Grace. Gone but not forgotten

1st July 2017

Can't belive Grace has been dead over 3 months. The 1st July would have been her 11th birthday.

Grace's ashes are buried in my parents garden, along with a white toy rabbit, she loved rabbits!.

on top is a lovely compass stone. We decided to visit.

Many people will think that she was just a dog, she was so much more. Its easy to dwell on the sadness but you have to celebrate the happy memories.

I remember bringing Grace home to mum and dad. Saying I would like you to meet someone. They had been without a dog for years, so Grace made a big impact on our lives.

Hamish was of course happy to see his puppies. ( he really does act like he is the father, and Izzy is his little princess)

lots of photos taken, which of course are on twitter but will add to the gallery.

It is so hard to loose a pet, we all still cry at times. To everyone who has lost or is going through what we did. Keep strong. They know that you loved them, that you did your best. Remember the good times

The Toad came back.....

12th July 2017

Well Toadgate is back, now mum has seen Mr Toad around since toadgate but he has kept his distance from where the dogs normally go. Last night he was on the stone wall/step right opposite the back door. Couldn't see him, even with the back light on. Mum let us out to pee before bed then suddenly movement!

Like a ninja Izzy was there nosing what ever it was. Given the leave command and she did, she did track it but left alone.

Mum thought phew close shave. We came in and settled down, as mum didnt think Izzy had touched him.  10 min later Izzy panic barking, she wasnt right. Mum came down to find Izzy had been sick. Oh not this again. She wasnt foaming at the mouth like before, this time pawing it, and just being sick. Very little sleep in the house hold. From about 5 am things settled and seem fine.

We live in the UK, so to all dog owners be wary of toads. Pups are curious. So proud she left on command but she still suffered.

Mr Toad has be relocated to a nice Pond area down the lane, hopefully he will decided its better place to live.

Training Treats that work!

12th July 2017

As you know Bear and Izzy our pups are still training, for everything! We have tried many different things to help them train. Unfortunately, due to them getting bad tummies few months ago we have to be careful what we feed them.

Now our good friends at Guru pet food have recently launched a new product. It is Scrummy Venison Sausages.

Now the reason why we love Guru, is there is no nasties in the food. The food is healthy and tasty.

Back to the sausages. They contain British Venison, Apples, Sweet Potato and Vegetable Glycerol. These are all mixed up then air dried to make lock in the flavour, nutrients and aroma.

Now having 2 pups from the same litter is a challenge. The worst part is recall from the paddock when both are playing. Not anymore!! With these Sausages in my pocket, one shout and they race back and sit waiting! Please note I didn’t ask for the sit!

Rosie and Daisy are not missing out as they make lovely treats but at the moment they are classed as high value treats so mainly used to train.

Next few days I will be posting videos on Twitter and Facebook showing how pawsome these treats are…

Finally, get them quickly before they sell out.

Countryfile Live 2017

15th August 2017

Countryfile Live was a 4 day event based in Oxfordshire, set in the grounds of Blenheim Palace. Humans had bought VIP tickets costing £85 each. We arrived at a decent time, getting in and parking was a doddle, made our way to the holding area where the shuttles were taking people down to the Boat House ( VIP area) as dogs we were told that, not allowed on the transport, so mum said can we walk down, was told no, had to wait with everyone else…. So much for paying to get in a bit early!

Crowds gathered and soon we were allowed entry. Mass of people stampeding to get in. First alley was just food food food, the smells were amazing! Lots of other dogs too.

We were stopped by a Lovely BBC lady who wanted to know about us, and asked if mum had a business card, lucky she did. As we made our way through.. some lovely stall holders came out to see us. Lovely chaps from Rohan knelt down for some cuddles and snogs. We were the perfect double act. Bear and Izzy on our great adventure. We knew the weather was going to have an almighty blip so made our way down dog alley as we call it. Barking Heads had the cute camper van and giant deck chair… so photo call. Bear got into the chair… this was comfy.. so much he went on his back and demanded tummy rubs! Lucky the lovely chap from Barking Heads obliged. Next Izzy, seen as this was her first event she did well, posed like a pro. Moving on bumped into our friends from Ruff and Tumble. Mum was so glad to see them as we need more dog coats. So mum ordered Izzy a new one and picked up some drying mitts. The lovely people on the stall have a super fox red too, so we had to have a chat catch up… redster to redsters. Then next door our buds Guru! Yay well love these guys so so much… if you cant already tell. Its always lots of laughs and cuddles and you know these guys happen to invent the amazing venison sausages that we use for training… so extra loving is required. Mum bought more sausages ( yay) and some trip bones. Being an all day event we need food! So the trip bones are a perfect meal… just bone shaped.

After getting lost ( dads fault) we finally found the Boat House. It was set on the river. Ducks and ducklings were floating by….. we didn’t care. Parents so please not a pull, growl, bark…. Nothing.

After being checked in we found a table and set up camp….. as weather was changing. Within 15 minutes the heavy rain, thunder and lightening started. Suddenly every one was coming in! Well more cuddles for us as we were by the front. So many cuddles, so many people so little time. Met a cute guide dog puppy in training. Mum had gone off to get a breakfast bap… it was from Pipers farm in Devon… drools… smelt sooooooooooo good! Dad gave us the trip bone… then some peski little dog tried to steal it from Bear…. So he told him off ( dad proud of his lad).

Now after spending a lot of time in the tent weather improved so off on wanders again. We kept getting stopped, humans being asked are we puppies? Are we fox red Labradors? Are we Ridgebacks? What are we? Are we brother and sister? Every time we stopped for about 5 min and humans chatted, we sat. Now were also got asked where our amazing collar and leads were from. Well darlings for a country event its only right that ladies wear tweed. Izzy was in her tweed and Bear was in the family tartan, with Bow tie. All from My McDawg.

Lunch time back at the Boat house, Pipers Farm Roast Beef. Well someone call for help, we got non, we drooled and drooled but they were evil and never gave us any! Mum left most of her salad and bits and just had the beef. What a waste we were ready to help. Now there wasn’t much to do for dogs, there was lots for children. One dog ring with displays in and that was it. After pottering around, we were slowly Heading for the exit… even more food stalls! Mum swears at least 60% were burger vans, or coffee all food food food. We eventually head back home and snoozed the whole journey. Humans say for the cost of the tickets not value for money as Lunch was an Extra £15 and breakfast £6 each. Also the VIP offered free booze so you had a bunch of people basically trying to drink the place dry.

Was still a fun day out but for dogs, and dog owners very poor. What made it was seeing our friends otherwise it would have been very dull.

Think we will stick to Dogfest!


21th August 2017

Well, here in merry old England we are not known for hot summers and pools in the back yards/gardens. Occasionally we do get a half decent summer. As you are aware some of the present and past Lush Labs had joint issues.

To help the humans bought various pools to do hydrotherapy at home in the summer, which would help the infirm though Autumn and into Winter.

This year the weather gods have not smiled much on the UK. Mum heard that a heat wave was coming so she put up the new pool which has been in the garage all Summer.

Oh Boy it was soo exiting… we of course had to get in the way… but after a few hours it was up and being filled. It only got a foot deep and we just all had to dive in( see our twitter feed for video) By next morning the pool was full and ready for use.

The steps inside were ready as we always have steps to help us and thanks to some of our human pals the bales of hay were our outside steps… this help came at a cost. We had to let Jake the springer come in the pool. But that’s fine as we love him and he is really funny.

Apart from small sand pits filled with water , this is the first time the pups had met deep water.

Now we all know Izzy is a water baby and sure enough she was in and in heaven. ( takes after her mum) . Now Bear … he is more like Grace(we miss her so much) he is happy to get his feet wet then all of a sudden he just dives in.

Apart form a few times Daisy hasn’t wanted to go in the pool , which is sad as its meant for her.

But her Hock has become really bad and she is in a lot of pain. We have been given some new painkillers, but here is the catch. They are the strongest that can be given. This is the last option. Now she is nearly 8 and to remove the leg isn’t an option, nor is seeing Dr Noel Fitzpatrick, Firstly the lovely insurers have excluded anything to do with her leg … and we aren’t super rich people, but secondly and more important, it’s a lot to put a dog of that age though. She is a big girl, not overly over weight but she is strong and muscular.

As you know Daisy has also had laser and Hydrotherapy at ours amazing vets.

We have been given a few other options by our friend who is an Senior Nurse so we will enquire about those.

Its such a shame the weather hasn’t been Nicer.

Back to the pool, well its coming down this week. Autumn has officially arrived and it is just too cold now for the pool. Don’t want to risk Limber Tail/Wet Tail .

Next year hopefully it will be better!


25th September 2017

Daisy was born a healthy puppy. We chose her as she was the middle girl, not to big but not too small. She was originally called Bonnie, however it didn’t suit her.

4 months old we noticed a back hock looked swollen. She was taken to our old vets who said it was bone… however it could still correct itself. Her legs were still growing and we had to wait until she was old enough and the growth plates had fused to see if nature would sought it out.

It didn’t, it only got worse. So just over a year old Daisy had her first major op. The Vet had to shave bone off Daisy’s hock. Also bone had formed around loose cartilage ( this is called a mouse when it happens). She was back up soon and causing trouble however the joint even at that young age was arthritic.

She also had another mouse removed few months after the first. It was a computer mouse. Like all young dogs she loved to chew and an old style computer mouse she chewed and swallowed the weighted ball….. £600 vet bill to remove and its was non surgical. However the Vet did enjoying telling people he had taken 2 mice from one dog.

As soon as the joint was healed we knew we needed to help and keep Daisy in good condition. We bought a 12 foot pool and during the summer we did hydrotherapy every day. We did this every year of her life. As most of you are away Daisy loved the water so it wasn’t really therapy. Doing this we kept her comfortable and pain and drug free for many years.

Last winter things had changed. Daisy struggled on cold and damp days. She had to be on drugs daily. They didn’t really help much. This summer she had hydro at our current vets and laser therapy.

Few weeks ago we noticed another change, the pain was different. We contacted our lovely vets and talked though options .Daisy couldn’t take Metacam and she had also tried various painkillers. She was prescribed as the last option on pain killers, so she was given Onsior with Tramadol.

She went and stayed with her Hugrandparents as we tried to give her a quiet life away from the pups, hoping things would improve. They did a bit but still not great. Daisy came home last week as she started to have side effects of the drugs. She was taken to the vets, seen a different one who thought it could be her hips as well. So X-rays were taken. Her hips and spine were fine, in fact the words beautiful was used however her hock was bad, really bad. On a scale of 1-10 , 10 being the worst she was 10.

We were given options, drugs to help with the pain ( however they weren’t working ) or an operation. The op is nasty. It didn’t have a high success rate, complications were huge and when it goes wrong its is spectacularly wrong. Its also very painful for the dog. Not to mention between 3-6 k if it goes well and 10k if it doesn’t… all not covered and the insurers excluded her hock.

Surgery wasn’t an option , neither were the drugs. So we had to pts. But we knew she was semi comfortable. This weekend she had the best weekend of her life. She went plodging in the forest, a walk on Haresfield Beacon, Roast Dinner, Mac Donalds breakfast. She had such a good time.

When the time came she was at home. Our lovely Vet Jenny came to the house. We weren’t rushed. Daisy was given a sedative so she was already sleeping and looked peaceful, relaxed and more importantly pain free. Then her final injection. Tears were shed but she slipped away peacefully.

She Is now running free over rainbow bridge with Grace