Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

LushLabs (declared as ‘Lushlabs’, ‘we’, ‘us’, ‘our', ‘ourselves’) thereby declare its services as in effect since 01-01-2020. We thereby intend to provide services to the customers (also referred to as ‘customers’, ‘users’, ‘he/she’, ‘they’, ‘himself/herself’, ‘themselves’) regarding the breeding and well-being of dogs.

Disclaimer: We, Lushlabs, may update/alter/change our privacy policy and the user shall be notified of the changes via email notification as well as via web-based pop-up/pop-down notification. The new policy will be in effect automatically the moment they are uploaded/updated and if the user no longer wishes to abide by the new policy, he/she may have to put a stop to using our services altogether!

Personal/Non-Personal Information Collection

The type of information that we, Lushlabs, collect to discriminate one user from another user is referred to as ‘Personal Information’. And thereby otherwise information to personal information is referred to as non-personal information. The domain of personal information covers but not just limited to:

  • Full Name (first, middle and last)
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Location address (GPS locator)

Similarly, the non-personal information covers the following aspects:

  • Sign-up/weblog details
  • Operating system (MAC, Windows, Android, iOS)
  • Reviews/ratings/complaints/suggestions
  • Web-browser (Chrome/Firefox/Omega/etc.)
  • Tags/beacons/cookies

Note: We, Lushlabs, are entitled to collect this information once a user/customer decides to access our website/blog. The personal, as well as non-personal information collected, is to identify the user as well as to keep him/her updated about new trends/updates and/or about our updated/new services/policies. 

Sharing the User Information

We, Lushlabs, do not share information.

Keeping the Information Safe

We, Lushlabs are entitled to provide hassle-free and secure services to our valued customers as well as to ensure the privacy of their sensitive personal/non-personal data. We have thereby incorporated the following methods to negate data piracy:

  • Acquiring secured web-hosting & third-party services
  • Incorporating up-to-date security systems
  • The mandatory 2-step user verification process
  • Restricted employee database access 
  • Limited and relevant user-data sharing with the third-parties

Note: We, at Lushlabs are thereby entitled to cease the agreement with the user/service provider/third-party upon possible data breach and/or privacy violation and strict action must be therefore taken against the violator. 

Limitation of Liability

We, at Lushlabs, reserve the right to negate/negotiate the false/fraudulent/misleading claims on behalf of the user/service provider/third-party. 

In the case of data breach/loss caused by natural disasters, man-made disasters and/or faulty/damaged storage cloud/database, we shall not be responsible for the recovery/compensations. 

Note: In a case where anyone makes a fraudulent/unlawful claims against us and/or our services and which may affect our reputation/standing, we, at Lushlabs reserve the right to take legal action against the violator.